The school has fine infrastructure spacious class rooms, state-of-the-art laboratories, large library, smart class facility, good play ground and high class sanitation.

The library has thousands of books of the latest editions in all related subjects and fields. Issues of all leading newspapers and magazines are available. It is well illuminated and furnished.


The school’s greatest asset is its diligent and dedicated faculty who are well qualified and very experienced. They impart quality education with careful planning and excellent execution. They are persevering and are ready to take up any task with whole hearted commitment. Hence, the children are guaranteed of top class education and the greatest care.

Sports and Games

The students of Adarsh are outstanding in the sporting field. The physical education department gives ample chances for the students to take part in competitions. They give rigorous training in athletics and games like kho-kho, handball, badminton and throw ball. Students come out with flying colours in tournaments.

Smart Class

In order to transform the traditional method of teaching, we, at Adarsh, implement audio-visual aided system of teaching with

  • Effective teaching methodology
  • Abstract and well planned curriculum inside the classroom.
  • Enjoyable learning process.
  • Good academic progress.

Café Raaga

Adarsh is one of the very rare schools that can boast of having a music troop that consists entirely of students. Experts train them to play the instruments in a sustained manner. They are an integral part of all the cultural programmes conducted in the school.

Extra-curricular activities

Apart from creating an impeccable record in academic achievement, the school has always setup excellent track record in extracurricular activities. The students are trained by experts in dance, music, art, craft, instrumental music, chess etc. Students participate in competitions and bring laurels to school.


In order to identify and nourish the inherent talents of the students various clubs have been formed. The literary, the debate, the drama, the photography, the adventure, and the health clubs give a platform to the students to mold and showcase their potentials.

Summer Camp

With an aim to promote the values of self-dependence and self-discipline in students, the school organizes a summer camp during vacations where they are taught yoga, silambam, clay- modeling, glass-painting, etc. There is a remarkable development in the demeanour of the campers.

School Plus

In order to let the parents aware of the proceedings of the school, an advanced communicative system, namely School Plus, has been launched. All the events, schedules and messages regarding the functioning of school can be accessed by the parents through their mobile.

Search School Plus in Google Play Store and App. Store.

School Code :: Vetturnimadam Campus : 1007, Punnarkulam Campus : 1008

Supervised Study & Remedial Classes

Special Classes are conducted for the students of all classes who need extra care


Keeping in view the complexities of today’s life-style, the increasing stress on parents and students, and the responsibility of the institution to address the issues, a department of Guidance and Counselling is functioning meritoriously at Adarsh under qualified student’s counsellor. Student’s issues like autism, lack of concentration, absent mindedness, lack of retention, restlessness, lack of eye contact, cell phone/online addiction, poor food habits, behavioural changes, sibling rivalry, irresponsibility etc. are identified with the help of the teachers at the early stage and remedial measures are taken. A speech therapist is permanently made available in collaboration with Dr.Gopalapillai‘s Hospital. Students with speech difficulties are taken care. The school Counsellor and the Speech Therapist arrange frequent meetings with the parents class wise and answer their queries. Counselling is given to students and also to parents who need that. This has yielded wonderful results so far, Adarsh is the second home for the students, and its concern for their health and welfare is paramount. Please feel free to contact the school counsellor on working days between 9.00 am & 12.00 noon @ 9442180900 if needed